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Acts of Kindness (AoK!)

Acts of Kindness (AoK!) hearts represent spreading love, smiles and giving props to acts of kindness! We want to acknowledge and recognize the people that make our lives as wonderful as they are. But who cares? We do! Whether these acts be big, small, random or intentional we should never be surprised when someone is kind to us or others :)

How it works:
1) You get a heart
2) You give your heart to someone who has committed an AoK
3) Take a picture of the person with the heart
4) Post it on our Facebook page and big up the person and their deed!

AGO love yarn bomb 2014

Myself and Chason Yeboah of Craftyy Chas created a crochet collective called Acts of Kindness (AoK!) in 2012 to use our crochet abilities for good instead of evil! What started out as us coordinating love yarn bombs and giving out little crochet hearts to people who have been kind, became an arts education project where we started hosting crochet picnics (workshops) in community and school based settings sharing the skill of crochet with children, youth, adults and seniors.

As a technical skill and resource mindful artistic practice, crochet presents endless possibilities that can be used to create purposeful meaning to its crafter. The rhythmic and repetitive motions, following and recognizing patterns, learning new stitches, the and application of math coming together with the use of fine motor skills has the capacity to keep the mind engaged, while connecting with others. If you are interested in connecting with us for a crochet workshop email us or send us a facebook message!

Check out this interview to learn more about our work:
She Does the City, Dec 2016


Website: facebook.com/aokindness 
Instagram: @aokindness
Email: staykind91@gmail.com