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I Am

Crafting presents endless possibilities, and has become part of a larger life recipe. It is a space of peace where I unlearn and heal from both external and internalized racist and patriarchal realities that have wounded me, and negatively shaped how I have come to understand my afroblack, gender self-defining, diasporic, queer babe body. Crafting as the act of externalizing my complex and dynamic relationship to my body is moving towards fostering love for myself that does not diminish or degrade my body, spirit, happiness or well-being. It is affirming myself that I deserve joy of the flesh and spirit that is awakening, is dignified, respectful, gentle and caring. 

Random facts about me: I hate the smell of toast, I put peanut butter on my bananas, in my past life I believe I was a soca kween, I used to be afraid of the toilet tank, I dance in front of the mirror at least twice a day, I am soft spoken and I make a point not to give one-armed hugs.

Art Exhibits:
1. Feminist Arts Conference, Toronto, Ontario, September 2015
Kandake of Sword and Pen: Black Womxn’s Art and Resistance, Toronto, Ontario, January 2016
3. SKETCH Spring Open House, Toronto, Ontario, May 2016
Nuit Rose, Toronto, Ontario, June 2016

Community Arts (with crochet collective Acts of Kindness):
1. Crochet Drop-in, Evergreen Youth Shelter, Toronto, ON March 2017 - Present

2. Black Femme Crochet, Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto ON, Feb 2017 - Present
3. Mindful Crochet, the 519 Community Centre, Toronto, ON, Dec 2016 – Present
4. Seniors Crochet, Luc Sculpture Gallery & Studio, Toronto, ON Nov 2016 - Present
5. TDSB Youth Assisting Youth: Girls only Program, Toronto, ON Sept. 2014 – Dec 2016
6. AoK 
Crochet Picnics, Toronto City Parks, Toronto, ON May 2013-Present

Arts Education (with crochet collective Acts of Kindness:
August 2013: Community Skill Share, Regent Park Block-O-Rama, Toronto, ON
Sharing the benefits of crochet as a new hobby with children and adults.

July 2014: Crochet as Meditation, Nellies Shelter for Women and Children, Toronto, ON
Crochet as a meditation method to deal with stress with children ages 4-12.

December 2014: Crochet and Kink, U of T Kinky Craft Fair, Toronto, ON
How crochet can be used to create kinky crafts that reflect and make us feel sexy in our diverse bodies.

Jan 2015: Crochet and Identity, Ryepride Equity Student Union: Centre for women and trans* people, Toronto, ON
How crochet can be used to challenge narrow representations of racialized bodies with indigenous women and women of colour.

Jan 2015: Crochet and Harm Reduction, Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP), Toronto, ON
To crochet hats and scarves for people who are street involved or homeless to reduce the harm related to surviving the cold winter season.

Feb 2015: Crochet and Revolutionary Love, Krafty Queers (SKETCH programming), Toronto, ON
To connect, create and talk about how crochet can be used as a way of loving and healing ourselves/our community with queer, trans* and two spirit people.

March 2016: Mindfulness and Body Awareness, Cedar Glen, Stockton, ON
Working with ReachOUT Newcomer services to facilitate crochet as meditative practice at annual retreat or LGBTQ youth.

June 2016: Youth Mentorship Training, Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre, Toronto, ON
Teaming up with Y-LIT (Youth Leadership In Training) to share how crochet can be used as a tool of building community

July 2016: Family Pride, Pride Toronto, Toronto, ON
Teaching crochet to children ages 3-8 during pride festivities

October 2016: Kinky Crafts, Krafty Queers (SKETCH Programming), Toronto, ON
A DIY crafting session and kink discussion with LGBTQ2S youth on how to make floggers, ticklers and riding crops

Publications:Switzer, S, Lyaruu, T., Apong, K., Bell, O, Manuel-Smith, C, Hernandez, L., Pariah, S., McWhinney, P.G., Seidu, F., Bykes, A. (2016) What's glitter got to do with it?: Re-imagining harm reduction, decision-making and the politics of youth engagement. In Smith, C. & Marshall, Z (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Harm Reduction: Conflict, Institutionalization, Co-optation, Depoliticization, and Direct Action. Nova Publishers: New York

To collaborate, chat, inquiries, comments, to chat or whatever else get at me, ya? tulymaimouna@gmail.com
I also have an Instagram account @tulymaimouna